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Herman Lee Owens-what a father - STRANGE [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Herman Lee Owens-what a father [Jul. 23rd, 2004|07:15 am]
if you were having a baby and your redneck dad has already told you that when the father of your kid shows up for her birth that he is wanting to have monday night wrestling moved to the hospital because he has to leave his house.you are having the baby your dad is drunk hooting and howling not worried of how you r feeling seems also it might add more stress to you.while maryah's dad is there for the mom and daughter.wasnt your dad being a prick about his food and ciggarettes when u again decided to move in with him because he was not going to work no more,you called me for help as before i came to help.he wasn't there when u were born dont even let him know when u r having the baby let him stay home and watch days of our lives and let your grandaddy pay his utilitys because he puts a fake neck brace and fake knee brace on and says he can't work not even in pain ,lying like a sorry piece of shit so he dont pay it no more.he is right i do have problems but look at him he has about 30 yrs of being a piece of shit that i dont.i am ready to go get a job and raise a healthy family.clean.he will still be sitting on his ass with his gay bozo haircut.just let me know r u going with me,and do u want the wwf at the hospital?ive tried to call but u will only talk to your dad who hasnt been even ok for a dad but u forgive him everytime because he is your dad.i get granny saying no you r not there soon i will not b here if i dont get no answer soon.i cant handle your dads soap opera redneck dreams,ill be gone and will not want to be called a month after im gone cause your dads drunk and getting crackhead prostitutes over and you cant sleep your mom is being your mom im not going to talk shit on her now,and granny is being granny.i dont want to be second to the baby.i will not let myself stress if u choose her family not to include me.if u do i will not b a friend either and dont want to be secaond resort when things arent working.if u dont consider me maryahs family and get lee to not show up or be dad and wait or come get me now instead of when maryahs being born.fuck it i am through.i am ready to move now.but will wait for the birth if lee decides he is a no show like when you were born.if he does be an ass u r the one to tell maryah her dad wasnt there or was dragged into a wrestling match because u didnt want to tell your dad how shitty that is.i want to be there fighting or not and be there 4 u and the baby.i love you and maryah.call if you decide i am family.

From: katfish66666
2004-07-23 08:42 pm (UTC)


VOTE NO for the drunk gay redneck bozo mullethead dad.
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